Tim Michels Blueprint to Restore Election Integrity

Our plan is simple, we need to make it easier to vote, and harder to cheat. Politicians in Madison have made a mess of our elections, and I won’t let that continue. This is a Wisconsin Voter Protection Plan, plain and simple. I’m pledging that as governor, addressing the election mess will be among the first things I do on my very first day in office.” Tim Michels

The Plan

  • Repeal of all previous WEC election guidance and freezing the issuance of new guidance.
  • Prohibit re-hiring of any WEC staff that participated in the issuance of any formal guidance that failed to comply with existing law, as has been determined by the Legislative Audit Bureau.
  • Create a provision allowing the governor to remove and replace any election official held in contempt of court for failing to immediately cure a polling place violation, including any wrongful denial of observer rights.
  • Ban on special interests – including private individuals and private organizations – from funneling money for election administration through local election officials (Zuckerbucks).
  • Ban on unmanned ballot drop boxes.
  • Clean up the poll lists twice a year, purging of dead and inactive voters.
  • Require every county to designate an available election duty judge to be available for hearings on a maximum notice of thirty minutes to hear and resolve emergency Election Day complaints related to polling place violations, including any wrongful denial of observer rights.
  • Address the flood of indefinitely confined voters from 2020 by making them reapply and show photo ID to verify their claim.
  • Uniformly enforce implementation of absentee ballot laws and legal standards.
  • Ban on pop-up polling places.
  • Prohibit the closing of regular polling places less than 60 days before an election.
  • Strengthen nursing home voting protections for our seniors, while ensuring swift prosecution for violations.
  • Pass first consideration of the Voter Uniformity Amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution, empowering voters to enforce their civil and constitutional rights and fight back if ever again subjected to such unfairness.


  • In April of 2020, on the day before the Spring Election, Governor Tony Evers tried to call it off. Source
  • Only a last-minute decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court allowed the election to take place as planned. Source
  • Even then, two big cities, Green Bay and Milwaukee dramatically reduced the number of polling locations. In Green Bay voters were allowed to vote in 2 locations. Milwaukee only had 5 polling sites open. Source
  • In recent years the state administrators of Wisconsin elections have failed to comply with our election laws. Local election officials were actually given advice to deliberately violate the law. The elections were not run uniformly or fairly, and people’s trust in the system has been severely diminished. Source
  • The nonpartisan Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau determined in a lengthy and detailed examination that multiple laws were not followed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. They also determined that other election administrators and voters also violated the law. Source. Audit.
  • Big Tech oligarch Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook infamy, helped fund the administration of local elections, with 85 percent of his grants going to five Democratic party strongholds in Wisconsin. Source
  • The Joe Biden campaign ran advertisements for city-run pop up voter registration event in Madison. Source
  • More than a hundred thousand people, at the direction of the WEC, have newly claimed they are indefinitely confined, meaning they are exempt from providing photo identification to receive and cast their absentee ballots, in violation of the letter and the spirit of Wisconsin law. Source