Michels Slams Evers Ad for Revisionist History

Governor Evers launches laughable ad campaign following Michels announcement

One week after Wisconsin conservative businessman Tim Michels began his campaign to fire him, embattled Governor Tony Evers launched the first television ad of his campaign. The Democrat says he’s spending $3.5 million on this ad buy, nearly four months before the general election begins, a clear reaction to Michels.

Tim Michels had this comment on Evers’ one-minute work of fiction:

“Tony Evers has some nerve to run a commercial showing an employee putting an ‘Open’ sign in the front door of a business while claiming he’s doing the right thing for Wisconsin. Tony Evers has closed more businesses than anyone in Wisconsin history. My business refused to shut down. We stayed open and worked twice as hard.”

“It was wrong when he called jobs and workers non-essential. It was wrong when he let Kenosha burn and it was wrong when he tried to cancel one election and then let a West coast billionaire run another in the largest cities in the state.”

“Regardless of the fiction he’s peddling in this ad, from COVID to Kenosha, Tony Evers has been a terrible governor. I know that every job is essential, but it’s essential that we fire Tony Evers this fall.”