Tim Michels Releases New Television Ad – “Not Beholden”

Ad reinforces Tim Michels’ pledge that he is not beholden to any special interests

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – Today, Wisconsin businessman, veteran, and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels released a new statewide television ad titled, “Not Beholden.”

Ad Facts

Time: 30 seconds


TIM MICHELS: “I just scratch my head over these career politicians, they get in there and they just never want to leave. I’m going to give this my all for four years. Work very hard. I’m going to do it for the greater good for all the people of Wisconsin. Not the special interests. I think the lobbyists are not going to like me at all. They’re going to be very frustrated. I’m not beholden to them. Didn’t take any money from them. Won’t take any money from them. I’m going to do what’s right for all the people of Wisconsin.”

ANNOUNCER: “Tim Michels for governor.”