Tony Evers Attacks Well-Respected, Wisconsin Family-Owned Company in Pathetic Attempt to Save His Political Career

WEST ALLIS, Wisc. – The following statement is from Tim Michels, the Republican candidate for governor, in reference to the recent coordinated attacks on the reputation of the Michels Corporation:

“These unproven allegations do not reflect the training and culture at Michels Corporation. Harassment in the workplace should not be condoned, nor tolerated, nor was it under Michels Corporation leadership.

“Michels Corporation has a sterling reputation as one of Wisconsin’s great family-owned businesses with women in positions of leadership. Several generations of the same families — men and women — work their entire careers there.

“This is a coordinated attack by Evers and his allies in the media.

“Shame on Governor Evers and others who are trying to destroy the reputation of a great Wisconsin company for political purposes. These smears defame a great company, all in the name of politics. There’s no place for that garbage here.

“This election is a referendum on Tony Evers’ failed leadership. These smears are a desperate and disgusting attempt to distract voters from Tony Evers’ many failures.”